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Why choose EUREKA Outdoor Furniture?
EUREKA Chairs are built by a network of local craftsmen located throughout the United States. These craftsmen are avid woodworkers who work out of their individual workshops to provide you the highest quality, handcrafted outdoor furniture available. And since Eureka Producers are located across the nation, your furniture may very well be made locally.

EUREKA chairs are made one at a time from Western Red Cedar. These fully assembled, classic Adirondack-style designs will provide maximum seating comfort for years of enjoyment on a porch or lawn.

EUREKA's top-selling Adirondack Chair features a sculpted seat, and curved back slats for maximum comfort! It is made entirely out of 5/4 Western Red Cedar. Chair parts are held firmly in place using 1 3/4" stainless steel fasteners plus special, elasticized polyurethane adhesive, to keep the chair rigid, even when put through temperatures ranging from -40 to 120 degrees
Why Choose Western Red Cedar?
EUREKA uses select Western Red Cedar as our feedstock of choice simply because it is the best outdoor building material.

Western Red Cedar is light, the resin is poisonous to insects, and the species features an extremely high thermal factor. Western Red Cedar has 80% of the tensile strength of Oak, and is pound-for-pound stronger than steel!

EUREKA's choice of Western Red Cedar combined with our meticulous construction method will surely produce treasured family heirlooms to be passed on from generation to generation. A EUREKA chair is built to last!
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