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A Tale of Two Benches
Why Made in America and Western Red Cedar is Always the Winner

The Bench on the right is a bench that Harry built 15 years ago (prior to his Eureka days) for his lovely wife Tina out of Western Red Cedar and assembled using waterproof adhesive and stainless steel screws. Tina decided one day about 5 years ago that Harry’s bench needed a companion in the garden and purchased a painted bench that was imported from China-Boo Hiss! The two benches sat in the garden together for 5 long years through the snows of winter, the rains of spring and heat of the summer, somehow coexisting together.

It is now spring time 2011 in the Ozarks and Tina set out to enjoy her garden relaxing on her painted bench from China. Immediately after sitting on her favorite bench from China it collapsed into many pieces landing poor Tina on the ground, unhurt but wondering if she should go on a diet! “Not the case” furniture inspector Harry quickly told her. “My dear, you are in wonderful shape and not over weight! That Chinese bench is to blame.”

Furniture inspector Harry went on to say “it failed under your fragile weight because it was manufactured out of inferior wood (not outdoor wood but probably from an old pallet) and assembled using underpaid and untrained employees working for pennies in some sweat shop! It was glued together with a non waterproof adhesive. No fasteners were even used and with the paint peeling, surely an interior paint (may even have lead in it) was used for an outdoor product!”

What a sad state of affairs when someone of your caliper is lured by a low cost cheap imported bench,” lamented Furniture inspector Harry.

Furniture inspector Harry further stated, “Eureka Products are built in the USA by seasoned and well trained craftspeople to last. Eureka uses genuine Western Red Cedar, a green and sustainable resource, grown right here in North America (USA & Canada, good folks in Canada, just like us); each piece of furniture is assembled one at a time with stainless steel hardware and waterproof adhesive – a truly lasting product, supporting our work force in the USA!” “USA, USA, USA” chanted the birds and squirrels in the garden.

With the ol’ stars & stripes waving in the background, Tina and Furniture inspector Harry declared, “From now on, we buy Eureka Outdoor Furniture, MADE right here in the USA!”

Seriously, this is a true story (at least the part about the actual furniture) and can be used by all to show why our products, MADE in the USA are the best constructed and the best value. Additional photos below show the inferior quality of the imported bench.


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